A Lifetime of Knitting Experiences

Long-time TKG member Y’vonne Cutright shared some of her many interesting knitting experiences and amazing work at our July meeting. She’s attended knitting camp with Elizabeth Zimmermann(!), discussed Shetland shawl knitting with native Shetlander, Patrician Johnston (she started The Shetland Tracer which has since been taken over by her daughter – well-known designer Gudrun Johnston)(!), helped a friend get 1,600 machine-knit Christmas pillows out the door(!), knit a dress(!), and taught many classes. Somewhere along in there, Ellen Bernat of Bernat Yarns asked her to design for the company(!), and while that didn’t happen, Y’vonne has designed and knit numerous pieces for other people and companies.

Most recently, Yvonne has been taking The Nihon Vogue Certificate Course. These courses are coveted in Japan as training for the finest knitwear designers. The Japanese knitting techniques as prescribed by the Japanese Nihon Amimono Culture Association (NAC) are unique, precise and extremely effective methods to draft knitwear patterns for a perfect fit, tailor many types of necklines and sleeves, and finish a garment professionally.

There are four level of classes and it takes approximately five years to complete the entire program. The requirements for the first level include designing, creating a pattern, and knitting seven sweaters in just over a year. The patterns are drafted on special paper to help the designer achieve the desired shape of the knitted fabric.

In addition to being a fabulous knitter and knitwear designer, Y’vonne is an entertaining speaker and kept us all laughing with her stories. Thank you, Y’vonne for sharing it all with us!