Tigard Knitting Guild Book Review

The Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters: A Knit to Fit Workshop
by Lynne Vogel
reviewed by Norm Nelson

This book should have widespread appeal. For those who see a pattern that appeals to them, until they notice the gauge, this book is for them. For those who want to start from scratch with their own idea, this book is for them. I think almost everything is there for your success.

Many times over the years I have regauged patterns to fit the yarn of my choice. Generally this has been easy to do, unless the pattern throws in details that are difficult to change. Now, with the advent of computer programs, most regauging is just a few clicks of the mouse. But for those without that handy tool, this book should serve them well.

I especially enjoyed the tips that are highlighted and scattered throughout the first part of the book. Most of them would fall under the category of "why I do it this way" that are easy to understand. There is always a new trick to learn. However, when she does a sleeve from the body down, she says she prefers an invisible bind off after ribbing the cuff. I agree totally, but would have like to know which bind off method she uses. She gives formulas for stair step binding off of shoulders, but does not tell how to sew such beasts together in a nice way. It would have been much better to spend time discussing the short-rowing of the shoulders.

There are many hints here that you can use for existing patterns, such as adjusting sleeve length and shape. And the instructions for doing this are given. The "fitter list" at the beginning of the book is an invaluable aid to planning your first knit to fit project. On page 46, she talks of using a full size template. This is a handy idea that I have used many times when designing a sweater in pieces. If you can find pellon marked in one inch grids, it makes the process that much easier.

The last two-thirds of the book contain design projects done by some of the twisted sisters. Many of them are fine looking garments. Some need details to make them more than a shapeless sack.

All that being said, I urge you to check it out at the library, or borrow a friend's copy. But for an investment, I would spend the money on a computer program, which makes the tasks so much easier.

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