Tigard Knitting Guild Book Review

The Red Wolf
by Margaret Shannon
reviewed by Amanda Woodruff

Roselupin has had quite enough of being locked away in her tower room. Her father, the king, thinks he needs to protect her from the wild and dangerous world outside but Roselupin knows better. So when she receives a mysterious gift on her seventh birthday, Roselupin uses it as her ticket out of the tower and into the woods, where she howls and dances all day long - and surprises the kingdom folk right out of their socks. Twice.

This book surprised me by being quite dark for a kids book - but I loved it! Promotes knitting what you want - always a good thing. The king stereotypically puts down knitting and women, but Roselupin prevails and shows her powerful inner strength. Great pictures! A must read - though not necessarily by little ones. Four out of four yarn balls.

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