Tigard Knitting Guild Book Review

Martha Moth Makes Socks
by Cambria Evans
reviewed by Amanda Woodruff

In the children's section of the Tigard Library, I recently and unwittingly picked up a book that would turn out to be my worst nightmare. And, of course, my kids would love it. It's called, Martha Moth Makes Socks. I thought, "What a clever book about a moth that makes socks! We should read this!" Little did I know that Martha "makes" socks like we "make" spaghetti. Yikes!

This book has a terrifyingly cute story (and pictures!) with Martha expecting dinner guests, so she heads to the store (i.e. clothes closet) to choose some things for dinner. She picks a scarf, some mismatched socks, and some yarn (!) and heads home. The real fun and knitterly horror begins when she decides to "just try a little" of the scarf to see if it's good--and winds up eating the whole thing! Then she turns to the poor socks....will there be enough left when her friends arrive? It will take a steely-nerved knitter to make it through this one!

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