Tigard Knitting Guild Book Review

Ernie and the Mile-Long Muffler
by Marjorie Lewis
reviewed by Amanda Woodruff

Ernie was bored waiting for his chicken pox scabs to fall off so he could go back to school. Then Uncle Simon, who was a sailor, came to visit and taught Ernie how to knit. Once he began, it was hard to stop. He knitted a sweater for his dog Buster, socks for his father's golf clubs, and even a Christmas stocking for his canary. But there were only warm-ups for his real project. Themes: Ernie is teased by his male classmates, but sticks up for himself. Great book that showcases men knitting! Ernie teaches his friends to knit, and knits for charity. Rating - 4 out of 4 yarn balls.

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