Tigard Knitting Guild Book Review

Cast On Bind Off 211 Ways to Begin and End Your Knitting
by Cap Sease
reviewed by Sue Lambert

It is hard to imagine that there could be a larger array of cast on and bind off methods compiled anywhere than are contained in this book. I was especially surprised by the number of long tail cast on variations alone numbering somewhere around twelve.

Ms. Sease's book has fewer pages than the Bestor’s book but is published in a larger format. It is a more standard sized, hard covered version measuring about 9" by 11.5" with an inside coil binding. The binding allows the book to lie flat for ease of use. For every technique included in the book there is a photograph of the right side finished edge along with alternate names used for that cast on or bind off. Directions for working the technique are shown in a series of illustrations. The instructions for the selected methods I worked were all clear and correct.

The beginning of the book contains several tables. One lists the characteristics of various cast ons and bind offs. For example if you are looking for an elastic bind off for a cuff several possible choices are listed on the table. And if you are looking for methods which work well with garter stitch she identifies six possibilities. Additionally there is a table which lists methods of casting on and binding off which she considers to be paired matches to each other. I find it really helpful to have this information compiled together on the tables.

Ms. Sease's book is organized into traditional chapters with titles that are descriptive of the techniques included within that chapter. From the title of the book it can be assumed that the book contains many more options than Bestor's book, which it does. Even with more choices I was able to quickly locate every technique I looked for.

The larger size of the book makes it less portable than Bestor's book. But because it is larger than the Bestor book it also includes more general knitting information in addition to more techniques.

Besides being a knitter, Cap Sease is a weaver, a quilter and a basket maker. She is a designer for Green Mountain Spinnery and lives in Connecticut. This is the first book she has authored.

This book is a wealth of information. It is well organized and contains some of the lesser known cast on and bind off techniques, which makes it a great reference. I purchased it for my library and I'm sure I will use it often.

To the best of my knowledge this book, unfortunately, is not available as an e-book at this time.

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