Tigard Knitting Guild Book Review

Artful Color Mindful Knits
by Laura Bryant
reviewed by Dee Ann Carter

Artful Color Mindful Knits is, as the subtitle states, the definitive guide to working with hand-dyed yarns. Laura discusses various techniques of hand dyeing, color theory, how to determine the number or stitches in a color repeat (the magic number) and how to use all this information to either form an intentional pattern such a a diamond pattern or a color stacking pattern and how to use these patterns in a successful garment. There is also a large section of patterns and designs.

Getting all these ideas to work is not easy. I took a six hour class at Stitches West this past February on Intentional Patterning with Hand-Dyed Yarn from Laura and in that 6 hours, succeeded in knitting one swatch of an argyle or diamond pattern. Calculating the magic number is not as exact a process as it sounds and I had to increase my swatch by 2 stitches to make it work. But the a-ha! moment when you see the pattern start to form, changes your mind about the impossibility of doing anything but playing around and hoping for something pretty with hand dyed yarns. No more socks with an ugly orange blotch on one ankle and an equally ugly blue blotch on the other. Well, hopefully not. (There was one class member who was crocheting and she was having a much easier time getting her pattern to work.)

This book is so full of creative insights and personality that it is already one of my favorites. If you like color, this is a book for you.

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