Tigard Knitting Guild Book Review

by Barbara Brooks Wallace
reviewed by Amanda Woodruff

A Different Kind of Knitting Book

As book lovers and mothers of little ones, Michelle Cristiani and I were talking at the last board meeting about how much we enjoy finding new knitting books for children. They're not books about knitting FOR kids, however, nor are they books that teach children how to knit. Rather, they're books for kids about knitting where the craft is a central theme or activity in the book.

One of my favorites is Argyle by Barbara Brooks Wallace, about a sheep who eats brilliantly colored flowers and begins to grow multi-colored wool which can be knit into, you guessed it, argyle socks.

Another book we like at our house is Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep by Teri Sloat, a story of some sheep who wind up awfully chilly after shearing and what their kind farmer does to solve the problem.

I used the online library search and request features to gather a great variety of children's books recently. Imagine my surprise when the library called and said I had eleven books on hold! But then you can imagine how much fun I had reading them all. And I will have even more fun sharing some of my finds with you this year through the newsletter!

The books I will review in the coming months are the gems of my searching. Share them with the little knitter-to-be in your life!

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